Community Media

Community Media

Sabercomm is dedicated to empowering individuals all over the world. We strive to give communities a voice with free speech platforms to share their religious, political, and social ideologies kostenlos spielen herunterladen pc. Community Media opens up the door to allow artistic expression and creativity to flow without the pressure of commercial expectations. By giving these individuals a free thinking forum, new concepts and ideals can grow microsoft office powerpoint kostenlos.


The days of the soap box are past. This soap box has been transformed into many media sources. These  sources are ever changing and unfocused on the local community apple agenda downloaden. Sabercomm’s concentration is on educating and empowering individuals so they can connect with the community around them.

Tune in to Cincinnati Community Media on Time Warner Cable samsung a50 app herunterladen.

Community Channel:

Cable box channel 4 & No cable box digital channel 99.1

The community channel is a free speech form channel for politics, news, entertainment, community information and much more treiber kostenlos herunterladen für windows 7.

Religious Channel:

Cable box channel 15 & No cable box digital channel 99.2

The religious channel is a forum for religious individuals and organizations to share their beliefs with the community aktiengesetz herunterladen. All religious affiliations are welcome.

Education Channel:

Cable box channel 22 & No cable box digital channel 99.3

The educational channel gives voice to Not For Profit and Educational Institutions free games card games. The channel also showcases the Cincinnati Public School Board of Education meetings!

Metro Channel:

Cable box channel 24 & No cable box digital channel 99.7

The metro channel is a cornucopia of media produced by Community Media Centers from all around the Tri-state download bullguard for free.

Time Warner Analog to Digital Conversion

To receive the channels on Time Warner Cable without a cable box one must have a television with a digital tuner bewerbungsschreiben muster kostenlos downloaden schweiz. Older televisions do not have digital equipment built in to receive a digital signal. Time Warner Cable is offering cable boxes free of charge until January 2015 herunterladen. The cost of rental of the cable box will then be $1.50 per month.




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